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I'm in Rolle

By Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Perceval

(Leer en castellano / Lire en français)


I’m in Rolle to mix the film about Miss Julie with François Musy for France Télévisions that I just did at the Avignon Festival.

Curiously, it is here in François’ sound studio, where he has worked for more than 30 years with Jean Luc Godard, where we wanted to mix the sound for Low Life. What is also curious is that we are able work here thanks to television and not due to cinema. We tried for several months, but it was impossible. The administrative constraints made it impossible, even if the choices of the mixer and the sound studio determine the entire film’s universe of sound, and even for an easily overlooked film with a budget of only 1,350,000 Euros. When you see the intelligence and the handcrafted brightness of this studio, the sound and working conditions, his daily routine, his files, all placed in what used to be the garage of Godard´s office. You can feel here that the history of cinema is still alive. We need spaces like that, walls within which we can work. Four walls are not always a prison. Four walls can also be a movie theater, a room where we will shoot, or a web site, sheltering a film. The gamble we take, one that we must take not only for the future of cinema, but for the future itself, is to affirm that writing is stronger than anything that oppresses it. Lumière magazine, which conceived and created this site, is a new digital magazine. They are a group of young people living in Barcelona, Seville, Paris… We do not know them all. We met some of them in a projection room and in cafés in Barcelona. They gave us a copy of their last issue - Internacional Godard. 140 pages. Without financing. The writing is stronger than anything that oppresses the writing. One of their most important issues is the idea of cinephilia, from their generation’s point of view. What can we do about cinephilia? That is a question that has been answered by many people over 50, normally in pessimistic fashion. This digital project is a mixture of texts, movies, talks, files, and music. The idea is to create four walls within which it can be possible to live and experience directly and organically the work and materials that have been used and worked with in Low Life.

This site continues, along with others, the work in cinema that we have been doing for ten years. It is not a directly promotional site, even if it also indirectly serves that function. We decided to create this site when Low Life was selected for the Locarno Festival. We found ourselves without a press kit, without a poster, without public and press support, so during a trip to Barcelona we talked to the Lumières, and discussed the possibility of creating something new.

We can say that this selection is its founding act. A second stage has been planned after Locarno in three languages - French, Spanish and English - until the national and international release of the film. Therefore, it is an important bet what we are making on Lumière. What used to happen before at theatres, cafes, and magazines, now takes place at the internet. With this project, Lumière is inventing a new horizon for cinema.

Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Perceval

July 2011

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