Les Girls (George Cukor, 1957)

2013: Top Events on Cinema

(No order of preference)

«The Discret Charm of George Cukor» (Festival du Film de Locarno / Film Society of Lincoln Center)

«Critical Faith: The Films by Lav Diaz» (Mostra International de São Paulo)

«He Maketh a Path to Shine After Him; One Would Think The Deep To Be Hoary» (Berlinale Forum Expanded)

«Pier Paolo Pasolini: La Force Scandaleuse du Passé» (FIDMarseille)

Retrospective Jerry Lewis (Viennale)

«Spanish Filmmaker Gonzalo García Pelayo: An Obscure Exponent of World Cinema» (Viennale)

«Die Geographie des Labyrinths: Tih-Minh and Out 1. Noli me tangere» (Viennale)

Retrospective Maurice Pialat (Cinémathèque Française)

Feng Ai, Wang Bing (La Biennale di Venezia)

Redemption, Miguel Gomes (La Biennale di Venezia)