I waver on whether to include the plethora of meaningful encounters I had in 2013. In the end, who wants to skim a list of titles extraordinary to me? In the hope of taut condensation, then, a representative gathering:



FILM Un conte de Michel Montaigne, Hong Sang-soo and Johnnie To x 2, Joys of Waiting for the Broadway Bus, The Immigrant, Jealousy, The Last of the Unjust, Pain & Gain, Redemption, The Starry Messenger, Tessitura Calda, Les trois désastres, Venezia 70 Future Reloaded - Wang Bing. Retrospectives on Dominik Graf, Allan Dwan, Aldo Tambellini, Jean-Luc Godard, Jerry Lewis, and George Cukor. Endeavour, Chimes at Midnight, Green Fields, Honeymoon, Laughter in Hell, Life is a Dream, Minnie and Moskowitz, Only Yesterday, Primary Stimulus.



GAMES 868-HACK, Capsule, Fjords, Gone Home, Gunpoint, Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine, Papers, Please, Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm, Spaceteam, The Stanley Parable, Wargame: AirLand Battle


Christabel, (Julia Margaret Cameron, 1866)


ART James Turrell (Guggenheim), “Anthony McCall: Face to Face” (Sean Kelly Gallery), “Thomas Nozkowsky Recent Work” (Pace Gallery), “Zarina: Paper Like Skin” (Guggenheim), “Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light” (MoMA), “Balthus: The Last Studies” (Gagosian Gallery), “Balthus: Cats and Girls—Paintings and Provocations” (MET), Julia Margaret Cameron (MET), “Feathered Walls: Hangings from Ancient Peru” (MET), “Threshold: Work from the 1970s, Anne Truitt” (Matthew Marks Gallery), Lucien Freud (Kunst Historisches Museum Wien)


Daniel Kasman

Editor, MUBI