Viscosmosity (Jamie John James Jenkinson, 2011).


Jamie Jenkinson graduated from the department of Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art in London in 2013. For his MA graduation show he construced a large box with eight small holes in it. Behind each box is a simple kinetic device made from pieces of wood, plastic etc, and illuminated by a small light source. The viewer places their mobile phone to one of the holes to view the work via the phone. The work plays beautifully on the way the phone captures, or fails to capture the complex, rapid motion of the kinetic device. It is a great example of a way of combining digital technologies with sculptural materials to generate a hybrid work, in which the characteristics and shortcomings of digital video recording parameters are both exposed and exploited. Here is a link to the recording I made.

Jenkinson's website.


Nicky Hamlyn (England) is a filmmaker, film critic and teacher. He teaches at the Royal College of Art (London) and at the University for the Creative Arts (Kent). He’s the autor of Film Art Phenomena.