I saw many wonderful films in 2013, but this time I decided to mention only 3 works that I consider significant, all from Montreal.

Lunar Almanac (Malena Szlam, 16mm, silent, 4:30 min., Canada, 2013)

A member of Double Negative in Montreal, Malena Szlam is a Chilean visual artist who has been making outstanding works in installation, film and video. Also her live-performance work (2011-13) with multiple 16mm projectors for Jerusalem in My Heart was equally remarkable.

Breaking the Frame (Marielle Nitoslawska, HD, 100 min., Canada, 2012)

A personal, intimate and poetic documentary on the life and art of Carolee Schneemann. In fact, calling this film a “documentary” does not do justice to its artistic achievement. Very moving, convincing and insightful, with rigorous formal integrity.  http://breakingtheframe.com/

Insurgence (Groupe d’action en cinéma Épopée, HD, 137 min., Canada, 2013)

Épopée is a prolific collective of videomakers spearheaded by Rodrigue Jean (Full BlastYellowknife,Lost SongMen for Sale, etc.) and a conspirator, along with Double Negative and Hors champ, of the Kabane77 project Insurgence documents the civil uprising that happened in Québec during the spring of 2012. Formally intelligent and daring, and profoundly subversive. http://insurgence.me




Daïchi Saïto (Canada) is a Japanese filmmaker based in Montreal. He is a co-founder of Double Negative, a Montreal-based collective of film, video and installation artists dedicated to the exhibition and production of experimental cinema
. His recent films include Never a Foot Too Far, Even. His book Moving the Sleeping Images of Things Towards the Light has been published by Le laps in Montreal.